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Ayurvedic reflexology

This is a treatment which fuses reflexology with a traditional Indian foot massage. The foot massage or padabhyanga (pada=foot and abhyanga=massage) is a soothing, calming, revitalizing and balancing part of the traditional ancient Ayurvedic health care modality. The treatment involves three components:

  • Massage
  • A Kasa bowl (small metal bowl made of copper, zinc and tin)
  • Marma points (Ayurvedic energy or pressure points in the legs and feet - there are five in this area of the body)

The treatment begins with cleansing the feet, followed by a relaxing massage of the feet and calves using warm sesame oil, helping the feet and lower legs to relax. Sesame oil is used as it is a powerful antioxidant which is used to nourish the skin as it is easily absorbed.

Next the warmed kasa bowl is used in circular movements on the feet and lower legs, before gentle pressure is applied to the marma points on the feet and lower legs in order to rebalance the body's energy.

Within Ayurveda, practitioners use the padabhyanga to calm the mind and nervous system, to promote quality sleep and to help circulation. It is a truly relaxing and calming treatment.

This treatment is available from the following practitioner:

Carolyn Roberts