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Rhonda Robinson

Rhonda Robinson


The Yard, Villa Farm, Wrexham Road, Burland, Nantwich. CW5 8LR

Mobile Treatments:


Areas of interest:

Clinical Reflexology, Fertility/Reproductive Reflexology, Facial Reflexology, Maternity Reflexology, Baby Reflexology & Massage.

Hours of work:

Mon 9am - 6pm
Weds 9am - 6pm
Thurs 9am - 6pm
Fri 9am - 6pm (evenings available on request)
Sat 11am - 1pm (every other Sat)


£40 Clinical Reflexology
£40 Fertility/Reproductive Reflexology ‘Reproflexology - Barbara Scott’
£40 Facial Reflexology ‘Bergman Method’
£40 Maternity Reflexology
£55 Baby Reflexology & Massage Classes or 1:1 Sessions (classes x 4 sessions, 1:1 x 3 sessions) ‘Tiny Toes - Reflexage’

Contact details:

Tel: 07548626534




Profile of Rhonda Robinson

My name is Rhonda Robinson, I am a fully qualified and insured Clinical Reflexologist Practitioner. I specialise in Women's Health, from Reproductive Health and Fertility to Maternity and right through to Menopause.
I am very passionate about the work that I do and the positive affect it has on the clients I treat.

I only practise in Reflexology, not just because I love it but because I prefer to focus on gaining as much possible expertise in this discipline.

Having worked in the medical profession as both a HCA and Nursing Assistant on a Surgical, High Dependency, Maternity - Labour Ward and in the Theatre, I can appreciate the importance of alternative treatments.

Since taking up the art of Reflexology, I have gone out of my way to ensure I’m always up to date on all the latest procedures and techniques to build on my current knowledge and experience.

I thoroughly enjoy reading and learning and hope to continually do so with ‘everyday being a school day!’. I want to be able to give you the most complete and updated reflexology experience available.

I have just completed my level 5 Mastership in Clinical Reflexology. It is the highest level of Reflexology training in the UK. This further training included NEPIP, Fertility and Maternity, Meridians, Palliative and Cancer Care, as well as much more.