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Sarah Jones



Mobile Treatments:


Areas of interest:

Maternity reflexology, improving health & well being,
aromatherapy, reflexology, pregnancy massage.

Hours of work:

Friday 10 to 5


Please see website

Contact details:

Tel: 07968 183907



Profile of Sarah

I first came to Reflexology in my current profession as a Sixth Form teacher when I was teaching units about complementary therapies and the impact they can have on health and wellbeing.

As I was teaching these units I also had a one off session of reflexology and to my surprise and delight, a few weeks later I found I was pregnant. Having tried to concieve for 6 months and seeking professional guidance about possible next steps, I remain utterly convinced that reflexology helped me to concieve. After a while we were trying again for our 2nd child and again this lasted for months. I had 2 more sessions of reflexology and was pregnant again within weeks.

This made me seriously consider the impacts that this amazing treatment has and also to question how many people were like me and would struggle to concieve naturally. I knew that I needed to know more about this and enrolled with Gaia School of Natural Health whilst I was on maternity leave.

This has been one of the most significant things I have done as I feel I am improving health and well being through each treatment. My rescent training on reflexology lymphatic drainage has also helped me to see the amazing work that can be done to reduce the impact of conditions such as lyphodema and other conditions that involves swelling of parts of the body and has also helped me to recognise the potential that reflexology has. I love my work as a reflexologist and am passionate about this treatment as I believe the results of this are fabulous.

Please follow the link to my website for more information -