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Reflexologist: Key Location: Mobile Treatments: Areas of interest: Hours of work: Website: Contact details:
Jan Griffin blue dot Pensby Yes Relaxation, stress reduction, anxiety management, fertility, maternity and NEPIP Mon to Fri 9am - 8pm, Sat 9am - 5pm. Tel: 01517397628
mobile 07805004574
Lisa Hardi pink dot Handbridge, Chester No Meeting the challenges of chronic conditions, Reflexology Lymph Drainage Mon to Fri 9am to 6pm, evenings and weekends by arrangement Tel: 07791521310
Debbie Hurst green dot Greasby No Reflexology lymph drainage, special needs including autism and ADHD, Balancing chakras, Sports/chronic injuries, Maternity/fertility Mon, Wed, Thurs 9.30-15.00. Tues 9.30-17.00 www.harmony
Tel: 07712889212
Sarah Jones blue 1 dot Warrington No Maternity reflexology, improving health and well being, aromatherapy, reflexology, pregnancy massage Fridays 10am - 5pm Tel: 07968183907
Andrea Porritt purple dot Runcorn Yes Reflexology lymphatic drainage Friday daytime. Evenings and weekends.
Tel: 07767377223
Carolyn Roberts gaia icon Childer Thornton No Reproductive health, Reflexology lymphatic drainage, Ayurvedic, NEPIP Mon to Fri 9.30am - 3pm Tel: 07932063576
Lisa Smith light green dot Upton, Wirral Yes Inner intent, intuitive energy healing Mon to Fri 10am - 3pm www.spiritualawakening
Tel: 07759250579