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Reflexology Training

All the therapists listed on this site have been trained to a very high standard by the Gaia School of Natural Health on the Wirral. Their training has taken them an academic year to complete and they have been assessed via written assessments, a series of practical exams, and the completion of 90 treatments performed outside of class time and written up in their case study file. Their training included anatomy, physiology and pathology, as well as healthy eating; and the length of this training and ongoing encouragement and supervision from their tutor has ensured that they are all highly informed and competent therapists.

If you are interested in finding out about training as a reflexologist then you can look at the Gaia School of Natural Health website.

If you are already a reflexologist and are interested in the ongoing CPD workshops hosted at the Gaia School then details can be found here at the Gaia School of Natural Health CPD page.

Reflexology courses, Reflexology workshops and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) days